The name, YSD, is abbreviated from Yeung's Design Interactive Limited. It was born in January 2000, found by Ivan Yeung and Eddy Yeung. Guess what? They are brothers. One day, Ivan asked Eddy about what's he going to do while Eddy was working with his Macintosh computer. Eddy replied that he aimed to be a website designer and was job-hunting in this industry, yet there was a slim chance of getting one as the Internet was underdeveloped in Hong Kong at that moment. Meanwhile, Ivan realised that he also loved design and the internet. An idea was then taken shape in his mind. He discussed with Eddy about setting up a company that could give confidence and make commitment to clients because they were dedicated to their business, instead of being freelancers. After all, YSD was established.


We enjoy customers' expression of being impressed when they see our designs, which are arranged properly and beautifully. By seizing the clues of design and the technology correctly, we firmly believe that it can enhance the user experience.


Keeping our eyes on different industries' designs around the world through the daily practice of surfing the Internet and sharing, we received much fruitful information that have motivated our growth, such as stunning animation effects for website, mobile apps development and advertisements, or special printing effect, fancy paper with different texture. 


We care deeply about every single detail in our design, image, content, alignment, font size, a line, a dot, and even a punctuation. We always check all of these meticulously before approving and deliver it to the client. For instance, a website, we will assign our team to check browsers on all common modern desktops and mobile devices since they may differ in rendering results; for a brochure, we will check once over the computer and fine-tune it, then we print out the hard copy and proof read two more times by two different teammates to ensure that mistakes are nowhere to be found, such as spelling and punctuation mistakes.  


Everyone loves to communicate with people who can response quickly and positively, this is the way we reach out to our clients, answering questions and providing advices at the earliest. As we see it, issues can always be figured out and solved immediately if positive communication can be achieved.